Monday, June 18, 2012

Faces- Facial Cleansing Buffer , Review

Hello friends , today i have a cleansing pad  for you guys , it's  by Faces cosmetics and i bought it from
so i got this product 2 weeks back and the first time i used this , i fall in love with this product :D
 i got this for 55 rs but the original price is 65 rs

when i first saw this , it looks like a white scotch bite to me and i felt terrible when i first time touched it , i thought it's gonna scratch my skin  but let me tell you the fun part , so when i used it with my organic surge daily face wash it worked like a miracle to me .
    it worked as a scrubber and it cleaned out my pores and scrub away my dead skin and my face was glowing also , i seriously love this product :D .

I LOVE :-)
1) it's very affordable
2) easily available
3) you can use as a cleansing sponge
4) it works as a scrubber as well
5) it helps to lather your facewash

I HATE :-(
1) you have to be very careful with this pad otherwise it will scratch your skin
2) takes a little time to get completely dry

i really love this product and i will definitely recommend this . but if you have pimples or you have very sensitive skin then you should stay away from this product , however this product works on me really well .
 if you have any questions , leave it in the comment bar


  1. Even I wanted this one. But the negative reviews put me off. Still, since my skin is very sensitive, I don;t think this might be my best friend.
    Thanks for the review Debarati

    1. yes, it's very harsh on skin. but you can use this on your body also , i'm sure it will work well :).

  2. Replies
    1. if you have pimples on your face then you should not try it on your face :)

  3. Even I thought that it looks rough for skin,,but glad it worked for you Devarati :)

    Keep Blogging :) you write nicely..
    m a new follower :)

    Have a good day :)

    1. awwww thank you so much Namita :)
      thanks for following me :D