Sunday, June 24, 2012

Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick - Eternal Flame

Hello friends , today i'm gonna talk about a lipstick by avon and guess what it's a red lipstick :D
      couples weeks back i bought this lipstick and i just love the colour it's a bright red with no shimmer in it .

this lipstick has a really nice smell in it kinda like berry and once you apply this it fuses with your lips very nicely :) .

so when i first time use it i was woahaaa , now this is my favourite red lipstick and this lipsticks stays for really long , really really long and you will have a nice red stain even after the colour fading .the price is 375 rs .
lets see the swatches ,
without flash light 
without flash light

with flash light

with flash light

   so , these are the swatches of the lipstick as you can it's a bright red lipstick and it's cool tone and it will look good on pink undertone beauties and i have yellow undertone so it doesn't look that good on me but i really really love the colour so i can't resist myself  :P

                            this is how it looks without flash light

                                      and this is how it looks with the flash light

PROS :-)
1) has a nice smell
2) it's very affordable
3) stays for a really long time
4) you can use it as a stain also
5) easy to carry around

CONS :-(
1) the packaging  uhhhhh ... i hate the packaging , looks very cheap 
2) we need more shades in India 
    that's it , otherwise the lipstick is great 

if you have any questions then leave it in the comment bar .
have a great day
TATA <3                      

Monday, June 18, 2012

Faces- Facial Cleansing Buffer , Review

Hello friends , today i have a cleansing pad  for you guys , it's  by Faces cosmetics and i bought it from
so i got this product 2 weeks back and the first time i used this , i fall in love with this product :D
 i got this for 55 rs but the original price is 65 rs

when i first saw this , it looks like a white scotch bite to me and i felt terrible when i first time touched it , i thought it's gonna scratch my skin  but let me tell you the fun part , so when i used it with my organic surge daily face wash it worked like a miracle to me .
    it worked as a scrubber and it cleaned out my pores and scrub away my dead skin and my face was glowing also , i seriously love this product :D .

I LOVE :-)
1) it's very affordable
2) easily available
3) you can use as a cleansing sponge
4) it works as a scrubber as well
5) it helps to lather your facewash

I HATE :-(
1) you have to be very careful with this pad otherwise it will scratch your skin
2) takes a little time to get completely dry

i really love this product and i will definitely recommend this . but if you have pimples or you have very sensitive skin then you should stay away from this product , however this product works on me really well .
 if you have any questions , leave it in the comment bar

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Avon Illuminating Face Pearls

Hello friends , today i am gonna talk about  Avon face pearls , this product can be use as a blusher or a highlighter , depends on the skin tone , if you are  pale then you can use this as a highlighter and if you are a little dark then it's perfect as a blush .

 when i ordered this product i thought it's gonna be a bronzer but i when i got this there was a little bit disappointment there cause it was looking more like a blusher to me. 
              so i really like the packaging , it's sleek and it's black , and black  looks always sexy and very classy and it a sponge kind of thing inside so the pearls won't get broken .
        ABOUT THE PRODUCT : this pearls are not glittery but it has a little bit shimmer in it , which gives a stubble glow , the colour is kinda warm peachy pink and it's perfect for beach wear or even for a evening party. 
           it has some darker pears and some lighter pearls inside to gives you a flawless glow . it is a good product you should definitely try this one and it costs 749 rs.
      so i kind of like this product as a highlighter actually  , i love using avon products they are pocket friendly and great for college students 

        PROS :-)
         1) it's Avon :P
         2) it's not glittery at all 
         3) give you a flawless glow
         4) can be use as a blush or a highlighter 

        CONS :-(
        1) the container is huge 
         2) not very travel friendly 

so , if you are looking for a good blush which gives you a nice glow then go and grab it 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder (chocolate bronzer)

Hello friends , today i am gonna talk about bourjois bronzing powder known as chocolate bronzer . so this my first bourjois bronzer and i bought this from pantaloons (camac street) and i quite like this bronzer :) .

                    so here some photos

                                                                   price : 665/-

                                                           i love the packing
so, this is what is looks like :) , and you can see it looks kinda like chocolate and let me tell you it smells like chocolate also :D

MY EXPERIENCE : so i was really exited for using this , i came back home from shopping and then i washed my face reapply some makeup so to see how it looks on me , and woahhhhhhhh i was quite happy cause this was my first non-shimmery bronzer and it looks great  :D
                                              so here some swatches 

 so as you can see the shade is not shimmery and very buildable and great for everyday 

pros :-)
  1) non-shimmery 
  2) drugstore product  
  3) smells awesome 
  4) very much buildable 
  5) last longer 
cons :-(
 1)    the price is increasing day by day

 that's it , otherwise this stuff is great 

so , if you are looking for a drugstore and pocket friendly bronzing powder which is matte then you should get this one , cause most of the bronzing powders are shimmery and doesn't last longer .

so if you have any questions then leave it in the comment box and have a great day