Sunday, June 17, 2012

Avon Illuminating Face Pearls

Hello friends , today i am gonna talk about  Avon face pearls , this product can be use as a blusher or a highlighter , depends on the skin tone , if you are  pale then you can use this as a highlighter and if you are a little dark then it's perfect as a blush .

 when i ordered this product i thought it's gonna be a bronzer but i when i got this there was a little bit disappointment there cause it was looking more like a blusher to me. 
              so i really like the packaging , it's sleek and it's black , and black  looks always sexy and very classy and it a sponge kind of thing inside so the pearls won't get broken .
        ABOUT THE PRODUCT : this pearls are not glittery but it has a little bit shimmer in it , which gives a stubble glow , the colour is kinda warm peachy pink and it's perfect for beach wear or even for a evening party. 
           it has some darker pears and some lighter pearls inside to gives you a flawless glow . it is a good product you should definitely try this one and it costs 749 rs.
      so i kind of like this product as a highlighter actually  , i love using avon products they are pocket friendly and great for college students 

        PROS :-)
         1) it's Avon :P
         2) it's not glittery at all 
         3) give you a flawless glow
         4) can be use as a blush or a highlighter 

        CONS :-(
        1) the container is huge 
         2) not very travel friendly 

so , if you are looking for a good blush which gives you a nice glow then go and grab it 

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