Sunday, May 22, 2011

Avon Perfume SPOTLIGHT Review

hi friends, this is my new perfume .....i got this from my Avon lady
   i am a perfume freak ....i like to collect all kind of perfumes and this is my new perfume's not that pricey   
the price is only 1200 rs in Indian money which is great and the smell really bold and a bit strong .......but if you want the 'SPOTLIGHT' on you then you should try this hehehhehe...........
 this perfume is good but not great .good because it has a nice sexy and strong smell ....but that smell doesn't last really long and packing goshhhhh it's too bad
so ,as u can see the price is 1200 rs but packing ..ewwwwww i hate it looks so bad i hate the packing i just hate it and the pump is not that good also it's a bit hard .........i only like this perfume because it's cheap and for the smell of course ....

why I like this product ?
  • the smell is awesome 
  • cute pump-cover 
why I don't like this product ?
  • the packing is just too bad
  • doesn't last long 
if you have question then comment below .......and let me know ..i hope you like this review :)
good luck


  1. Thanks a lot!!!! Well I'm not a perfume freak at all but now I do wanna try this one! Thanks for the review! :)

  2. the smell is too good but i hate the bottle ..the packing is just so bad

  3. thnx for the review am yet to find out my signature fragnance..will keep n eye :) following u <3