Sunday, May 22, 2011

Avon onyx tri-lip gloss

Avon Onyx Luster Tri-Lip Gloss  Review :-) :-

               hi friends, i got this lip gloss from my Avon lady i decided to do a review on this product i hope you like this .so here we go :)
                                                       Avon Onyx Tri-Lip Gloss

so when i first saw this lip gloss in catalog .i was really impressed with the packing  and of course with colors decided to use it .......and now i'm in love with this product the packing is just superb and mine is in mauve .i have never try anything in mauve so this is my fist time ............i was really excited some swatches

gloss swatch

 as u can see guys the color is absolutely pretty and it lasts really long ...... i went for a girls day out with my friends and then this lip gloss was on my lips and when i went back on my home i was surprised cause the lip gloss was still on my lips has a beautiful sparkle and the mauve color is really light's non sticky and has a beautiful smell

   why i like this product ?

  • it has a beautiful color
  • the sparkle things are awesome 
  • last really long 
  • non-sticky 
  • the packing  
  • why i don't like the product ?
  • i don't have any problem with this product ...but it's a bit pricey .i got this on discount about 299 ....thts's  all so i hope you like this review .if you have any question then comment below  .Devarati 


  1. hmmm...i also like avon's is famus for its colour.......

  2. Hey Devz..Thanks for the review! Really loved it..and will surely try it some time from now. Thanks again!

  3. @sampurna ........i love all Avon's products it's an awesome brand

  4. @moneesha...thanks a lot's my new love lol....i love this gloss

  5. I thought it had three different levels bcoz of packaging!

  6. Great review. I really like the color.
    I am a new follower. I really like your blog.